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August 5, 2017

Q: How did you decide on your undergraduate course of study?

A: Economics was the one subject that was really intuitive to me and for which I didn't have to study much during Junior College. But I got a rude shock when I joined NUS Economics and it was *all* math! Fortunately, I had a second passion in investments and I started my ad-hoc double degree programme in my second year in Business School.


Q: In retrospect, what did you think were the most useful lessons/ skills/ knowledge you'd gained from your undergraduate education?

A: Math is really important.


Q: How has your undergraduate education influenced your career choice? 

A: My Economics degree helps me understand the broader picture of living in high-cost, open-economy Singapore. My Business degree opened the door to my dream job as an equities analyst, and also paved the ground for an all-rounded general knowledge of businesses such that I can start a company with more confidence.


Q: Briefly describe your current job scope. 

A: Teaching, training, mentoring young people in financial- and life-skills. Becoming an adjunct professor at a local university. More things in the pipeline!


Q: To what extent is your current job related to your undergraduate course of study?

A: Somewhat related.


Q: What are some additional areas you wish your undergraduate education could have covered?

A: That's what my current business is about! I'm teaching skills that are necessary for graduates to succeed not just in their careers, but also in life. The common theme is that these skills are not well-covered, if at all, in school!



If you would like to contact Yue Jer for more information regarding education/ career choices,  feel free to drop us a mail via the Contact Us section below. We'll link you up! 


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