Pollicy - Process - Tableau

This is Part I of a two-part post. Part I outlines the process of presenting the data using Tableau and Part II delves into insights from the analysis.

This dashboard was done up for a #VizforSocialGood project.

Capabilities of Tableau:

- Donut charts are not under "Show Me" (i.e. not a standard chart in Tableau), but there's a workaround to get them. Here's a tutorial I found. While aesthetically pleasing, donut charts do not provide clarity on the count nor percentages in one glance. Hence, in my opinion, it should be used when there are only two categories to be represented in proportion relative to each other, with the percentages indicated.

- Formatting to remove borders/ lines. Sometimes we do not want a lot of lines on the charts for neatness.

- Inserting images in dashboard. There are several ways to control the positioning of the image.

(i) Fit image, (ii) Centre image and (iii) Edit/ crop the dimensions of the image outside Tableau.

- Multiple data sources in a single workbook. One thing to note is that we need to create a data extract for each data source before publishing to Tableau Public.

Alternatively, the interactive Tableau dashboard can be viewed here.