Homelessness in the UK - Process - Tableau

This is Part I of a two-part post. Part I outlines the process of presenting the data using Tableau and Part II delves into insights from the analysis.

This dashboard was done up for a #VizforSocialGood project.

Capabilities of Tableau:

- URL in tooltip.

This is how the original worksheet looks like. We can adjust the size and color of the text within the tooltip.

To insert a URL in tooltip, go to Dashboard view and from the top panel, click on Dashboard > Actions...

Under URL, click the arrow button to select <ATTR(Url)> or whichever variable referring to the URLs.

- Viz in tooltip. This is something new with Tableau 10.5!

To insert another visualization in tooltip, create the chart you want in another worksheet. Over here, I have fixed the axis and hence we can't see the gantt bars in this view. You should be able to see the chart before adjusting the axis.

Then we go back to the worksheet that we want the visualization to be included within the tooltip, and under Insert, select Sheets and choose accordingly. The code will pop up automatically. I'd manually adjusted the size of the previous chart to ensure that it fits into the tooltip view nicely.

The interactive Tableau dashboard can be viewed here.