Story #76

February 10, 2018


Q: How did you decide on your undergraduate course of study?

A: Interest and prospects.


Q: In retrospect, what did you think were the most useful lessons/ skills/ knowledge you'd gained from your undergraduate education?

A: Can’t remember most of the theories learnt, most aren’t directly relevant actually. Most useful I would think is the thought process, discussions & presentations done which shape the way I plan, organize & present my work eventually.


Q: How has your undergraduate education influenced your career choice? 

A: Not really. My choice was decided more through discussion with friends at that time and my interests.


Q: Briefly describe your current job scope. 

A: Marketing and sale of properties.


Q: To what extent is your current job related to your undergraduate course of study?

A: Not related at all - Majority of the skills required to perform my current job was acquired through on-the-job training.


Q: What are some additional areas you wish your undergraduate education could have covered?

A: N.A.





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