Story #74

December 9, 2017

Q: How did you decide on your undergraduate course of study?

A: Because I was diploma holder in Bioelectronic in Singapore Polytechnic. To cut one year of studies in NTU, I need to select EEE in order for direct entry into second years.


Q: In retrospect, what did you think were the most useful lessons/ skills/ knowledge you'd gained from your undergraduate education?

A: Entrepreneur mindset. I took minor in entrepreneurship in NTU and co-found a student run cafe Pitchstop in university. It is the most useful lessons to me.


Q: How has your undergraduate education influenced your career choice? 

A: Nothing from EEE but yes for my minor. I believe that your tertiary education should not be a limitation when you come to choose your career. It will be just another better option for you, not compulsory.


Q: Briefly describe your current job scope. 

A: Running digital marketing agency & a student portal Doing sales & digital marketing consultation for clients.


Q: To what extent is your current job related to your undergraduate course of study?

A: Not related at all - Majority of the skills required to perform my current job was acquired through on-the-job training.


Q: What are some additional areas you wish your undergraduate education could have covered?

A: More humanity and social aspects. More general education.



If you would like to contact Ricky for more information regarding education/ career choices,  feel free to drop us a mail via the Contact Us section below. We'll link you up! 


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