Year 2020 Safe Management Measures in Singapore - Tableau

Tableau allows easy representation of data in a calendar view. The original dataset I created in Google Sheets contains only four columns, Date, Day of Week, Phase, and Notes. Tableau allows us to easily get the Month and Week number from the Date. (In fact, Day of Week can also be easily created.)

In total, I created four worksheets. One was for the viz for Jan to Jun and another for the viz for Jul to Dec (by filtering on the Month). The other two sheets were for the Color legend and Notes legend. This is because due to me breaking the viz for the entire year into two sheets, and hence there were separate Color and Notes Legend for each viz, hence I had to combine the legend together by creating another worksheet.

For the information under Notes, I only included the more drastic Safe Management Measures taken in Singapore that I remembered.

You can download/ view the workbook here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/hx.chua#!/vizhome/SafeManagementMeasuresSingapore/Dashboard1?publish=yes.