Analysing updates on COVID-19 local situation on MOH's website

Looking at the number of updates published on the Ministry of Health's website, we might be able to get a sense of the severity of the coronavirus situation in Singapore and also the amount of efforts/ changes in measures introduced by the government across time.

Data is first scraped off the website using BeautifulSoup and then Plotly is used to build an interactive visualization. Some static charts are also created using Seaborn. The data contains updates between 2 Jan 2020 and 25 March 2020. We can see that the number of updates have shot up quite a bit on 25 March 2020, this is also in conjunction with the largest number of cases (73 cases) confirmed within a day till date. A point to note is that the number of updates scrapped off the website (i.e. embedded within the html) could be more than what is shown on the page, where the work to update the page might be recorded within the backend but not reflected on the frontend. Hence the data analysed refers to the backend updates.

The notebook containing the code for scraping the data and building the visualizations can be found here. The Plotly interactive visualization can't be viewed on Github but can be view here. Alternatively, you can download/ run the notebook locally to view it. A screenshot of how the visualization looks like is captured below, where the text indicating the date and number of cases appears when users hover their cursor over the chart.