Big Cloud Data Science Salary Reports 2021 - Featured on request

Big Cloud has released the fifth edition of their salary reports, having spent 2020 carefully

collating crowd-sourced data from professionals in data science, machine learning and AI

fields. These reports span across Europe, the UK and the Asia Pacific and include never-seen-

before insights into data science salaries. The reports also include documentation on

academia, the latest technology and skills applied to industry, job satisfaction and more.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw businesses everywhere take a hard hit on hiring. Despite this,

46% of employees in the Asia Pacific region have been at their current workplace for one

year or less. It appears that hiring throughout the data science sector has remained

prevalent, even in the midst of a global crisis.

Across Europe and the UK, there is a clear correlation between the percentage pay increase

over two years and salary satisfaction. The most likely group to be unsatisfied with their salary

are those who received a 0-5% increase over two years (33%).

"To celebrate hitting our five-year milestone, the team and I at Big Cloud strived to make our

Data Science Reports for 2021 the most comprehensive yet. As such, for the first time, we have

made these reports interactive. This will allow our readers to contrast and compare data from our

previous reports, analysing changes in trends over time." - Matt Reaney, Founder of Big Cloud.

Report download links:

APAC: https://bit.ly/APAC_2021

Europe and UK: https://bit.ly/EU_UK_2021

All reports past and present: https://bigcloud.global/salary-reports/

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