#MajulahGCP - Learn Data Analytics & Machine Learning on Google Cloud

#MajulahGCP is back with another season! In Season 2, you get an opportunity to self study Machine Learning and Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) starting with one month free access to Qwiklabs and receive a cool swag pack upon completion. See more details here: https://events.withgoogle.com/majulahgcp-learn-data-analytics-using-google-cloud/.

It's a good chance to explore the many different products hosted on GCP. This is the full suite, but for the quests I have chosen to do, they are mainly focused on using BigQuery. (I chose to focus more on BigQuery mainly because that's what I'm using at work). If you're into machine learning/ modelling, the "BigQuery for Machine Learning" might interest you. It's like we can now use SQL to run machine learning models instead of Python/ R.

On a side note, this is what I got for the previous season of #MajulahGCP.