EuroPython 2020 Presentation - Announcement

For the latest call for proposals to include other timezones from Asia Pacific and Americas, I decided to submit a talk and am glad that my submission 'Top 15 Python Tips for Data Cleaning/ Understanding' was accepted for online EuroPython 2020. More details about my talk can be found here: https://ep2020.europython.eu/talks/CivrR5y-top-15-python-tips-for-data-cleaning-understanding/. If you happen to be attending the online conference and are interested, do drop by :)

[\Edited on Aug 15, 2020] Raw uncut version of the talk is up now: https://youtu.be/nUd1Tm5XQQI?t=4365.

[\Edited on Sep 25, 2020] Cut version of the talk is up now.