Installing R kernel in Jupyter

September 15, 2019

With R, and Ananconda installed, we can also use R in Jupyter notebook. So my previous laptop died and now I have to re-install everything again. But this time I ran into some issue that I didn't have with my previous laptop (not too sure why). 


So what is necessary to install R kernel in Jupyter is to run the two lines of code in R:





But I ran into the following error.



What we need to do is to find where R.exe is located. For me, it's C:\Program Files\R\R-3.6.1\bin\x64. Using Anaconda Prompt, i.e. command line interface for Anaconda, I changed the directory to that. Then I run R.exe and then IRkernel::installspec().  



Now we can use R in Juptyer notebook :)






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