Venue Update & Final Registrations: 2nd Applying AI and Deep Learning for Enterprises Conference Singapore - Announcement

April 29, 2019

This is Part III (and the final) of a series of announcements relating to the 2nd Applying Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Enterprises Conference. Data Double Confirm is proud to be a media partner of the 2nd Applying Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Enterprises Conference with Clariden Global.  


[UPDATE: Change of venue to Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore]


Do You Know That China Has Unveiled The World's First AI News Anchor?


In what is being declared a “world first”, Xinhua, China's state news agency has introduced a pair of virtual news anchors using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). These news anchors are modeled after the appearances of two real-life Chinese news presenters and these computerized avatars read out text that is fed into their system, their mouths moving in tandem with the reports.


These AI Synthetic Anchors, have been designed to simulate human voice, facial expressions and gestures for better realism. They offer specific advantages over human anchors, including being able to work 24 hours a day and quickly disseminate breaking news regardless of when it comes in. Additionally, these AI news readers learn continuously from live broadcasting videos by themselves and can read texts as naturally as a professional human news anchor. The news agency is using the simulations on its website and social media platforms and will reduce news production costs and improve efficiency.


AI can boost productivity by 30%, while cutting costs up to 33%. Early adopters of AI have already benefited from improved margins by up to 15%. To uncover how to innovate your current business model and enhance operational capacity with AI, keep up with unique use cases and the latest successful applications, join us at Clariden’s 2nd Applying Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning for Enterprises from 15 – 17 May 2019 in Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore. This conference brings together senior industry leaders, investors, influential technologists, founders, CEOs, CTOs, data scientists, roboticists and digital leaders from all over the world, for a high profile gathering of refreshing, new thought leadership, collaborative discussion, new breakthroughs sharing to reshape the future.


Secure your seat now as seats are filling up fast! Visit the website or contact Karen Williams at for more information.




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Clariden Global is the pre-eminent and influential global business leadership institution. Today, Clariden Global hosts global executive education and major conference events around the world in nine countries, including Singapore, London, Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Africa and UAE. We partner with renowned professors from influential universities such as Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, Michigan and London Business School to provide principal thought leadership in executive education. Clariden Global also partners with global institutions such as ACCA for influential events catering to the senior financial leadership community around the world. Our mission is to provide global knowledge for the world business leaders.

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