YouTube data analysis - Python

There are various data items, such as channel name, title of video, and number of views, likes, dislikes, and comments, that can be retrieved from using YouTube Data API v3. This is a free service however there are limitations on the number of requests we can make. Should we want to make more requests, we will have to pay for those extra requests. However, as a start, the amount of data we can retrieve is sufficient for a simple analysis. I have hit the quota for a day as I was testing out my code quite a lot but the quota resets daily :)

In this exercise below, we compare the popularity across four music groups, namely BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and One Direction by looking at the top 10 videos based on number of likes and views among them. We use the API to give us 50 search results of each music group based on searching the name of the music group.

The notebook can also be found here.

There are also other analysis that can be done, such as looking at dates of results to assess recency on search returns or to see how length of time vs views differs across groups or if there are certain more popular channels. More examples on the type of data items that can be collected can be found under 'Sample partial requests' here.