Personalizing Insurance to Win Customers’ Hearts: Experts from QBE, Allstate and Arch MI Share Strat

This is Part V of a series of announcements relating to the Insurance AI and Analytics USA Summit. Data Double Confirm is proud to be a media partner of the Insurance AI and Analytics USA Summit with Insurance Nexus.

Customer service has recently taken a central focus for insurance carriers. The exploits of digitally-native InsurTechs such as Metromile and Lemonade have demonstrated the appeal that personalized, seamless product offerings can create. In a 2019 Insurance Nexus survey, a majority of respondents felt that the customer experience would see the greatest impact from the implementation of AI.

Yet, while 2018 saw many legacy carriers conduct a host of pilot initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, there is a growing sensation that today, pilots are not enough. Despite the many hurdles to any successful application of AI, is it essential for carriers to win and retain customers in future.

Insurance Nexus recently held a webinar with three carriers making significant progress in leveraging AI to improve the insurance customer experience. Nicolette de Guia, (Head of Consumer Innovation and Design, Allstate Digital Ventures, Allstate), Bilal Parviz (Vice President of Product Development, Arch Mortgage Insurance Company) and Thomas Sheffield (Senior Vice President and Head of Specialty Claims, QBE) spoke to moderator Stephen Applebaum (Managing Partner, Insurance Solutions Group), to provide their insight into “Creating Customer Value with AI + Innovation: Personalizing Insurance to Win Customers Hearts”.

Listen to the webinar recordings today and discover:

  • How carriers are adapting their offerings to the changing nature of digital risk faced by consumers

  • Carriers’ biggest challenges to implementing AI within their legacy technology environment and their strategies to overcome them

  • How carriers are prioritizing investments to support the organization and create value for customers

  • Successful applications of AI technologies, the practical results and lessons learnt

  • The need for flexible modes of communication. Different customers and interactions require varying methods of communication, from voice to text, to human interface. Building data systems that can move seamlessly between different forms of informational output is critical.

This webinar was run in association with the 6th annual Insurance AI and Analytics USA 2019, taking place May 2-3 2019, at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Welcoming over 450 senior analytics leaders, the event will provide a strategic roadmap for carriers to maximize the impact of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics. For more information about Insurance AI and Analytics USA 2019, please visit the website or get in touch:

I hope you enjoy listening!