How to improve as a data scientist

This post is a break from all the various exercises, and I thought it would be interesting to share something more personal on my data science journey. While the title might seem somewhat directive, it is definitely not - the post is meant to be a reference :)

Being able to continuously learn is one of the things I enjoyed most as a data scientist (or whatever data science titles/ roles you name it). While this means that the work is challenging, it is also gratifying that help is always around the corner i.e. the community on the internet, be it Stack Overflow or data science blogs, or cheatsheets. This is also one of the reasons behind me starting a data science blog. Because more is better than less? Apart from problem solving, the sense of satisfaction comes when our work helped to improve the well-being of others/ provide insights to a pressing issue.

One of the fastest way to improve is when the question is thrown in your face. For example, if I had to use Python to do a cross-tabulation or if I had to prepare a statistical analysis on survey data, and I ran into questions relating to coding or the relevant/ appropriate statistical tests, I will get to learn how to perform these tasks (how? Google :)) and be able to do it thereafter. Cliché as it may sound, practice makes perfect. Hence, the more exposure to different kinds of data problems, the better one will be.

What had helped me grow is the community/ family (to be more specific, there are actually many communities! eg. R, Python, Tableau, Data Science for Social Good *especially*, but yea, the data science community as a whole). It's always heartening to see (and be part of) the sharing of solutions and use cases. So, the question is what problem (or question) would you like (or have) to solve using data? :)

On a separate note, MastersInDataScience.com put together the Top 100 Data Science Resources for 2018 (truly an honor that my blog was selected!). Some of those listed are what I frequent when I needed help.

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